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"Let there be songs to fill the air!"
from Ripple by Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia

"Because busking is a Fuck Yeah business!"
Robert Kenneth Lewis

Just what is The Last Beat, anyway?
The last beatnik, the last man standing
of a long line of off-beat souls who lived and live
for the ethereal values of poetry and song?
The last of the long-lost beatified bhikkhus,
aimlessly, shamelessly wandering the land,
saffron-decked with begging bowls in hand,
in numbers greater than the grains of sand?
Or more simply put, the last resounding tone:,
melody and rhythm, set free from flesh and bone,
released like seed-stock on the wind to range
over the human heart-land, rich and strange,
where some will find a place in fertile ground,
and soon another music will resound:
melody and rhythm, gifts from deepest DNA
passed down through generations, l'dor v'dor, like Rabbis say,
yes, down through generations, nerve and sinew, brain and bone
emergent in this moment as the last and final tone
whose holy reverberation makes the trinity complete:
Beatnik, Beatific, Fading Pulse of The Last Beat.


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