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Welcome to the biz'niz end of FUCKYEAH.BIZ, our "store" if you will. Here you will find various offerings for your edification and enjoyment--some for sale, and some for free, spread accross these pages like trinkets--bracelets, buttons, stickers--arrayed across a blanket, beach towel or batik in the sunshine parking lot of a festy or GRATEFUL DEAD Show. Well, OK, the GRATEFUL DEAD don't really exist anymore, but we traffic in memory a lot around here, and it would be downright damn foolishness to pretend that this whole bus trip didn't spend a lot of time growing up in those dirt lots and tarmac jungles back in the day. Anyway, these things being said, the present biz'niz is the biz'niz of FUCKYEAH.BIZ. And what might that be, exactly? Weallll, perhaps the easiest way to begin to explain it is to recall the words of John Lennon: "We'd love to turn you on . . . " (from the song A Day in the Life). That is the biz'niz of FUCKYEAH.BIZ. Now perhaps this is the place for a little discourse on just what it means to be turned on. I'm not really talking drug experience here, although certainly certain substances--things like cannabis, acid, pscilocybin and peyote, can, if used properly, contribute to the development of one's awareness of just how cool many things really are and/or can be. And for that matter, just how uncool a lot of the shit going down around here really is. But no, it's not about drugs. It's about turning you on to your own creativity; like it says here, you are the drug America needs most. To cop a turn of phrase from Wall Street and its beloved credit card companies, "A joint, five dollars; two hits of L, $10.00; your own originality, priceless!" So there's no real way to set a price tag on what we're doin' around here; because in reality, as it were, the real stuff is free.

These things being said, we still need to make our nut around here, so some of the stuff will have a price tag on it; you can also just plain donate to this project, to FUCKYEAH.BIZ, as we continue the ongoing saga of life on the streets of this country of ours, seen from the windows of JULIANNA, the infamous *UCK YEAH! school bus.

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Humboldt Mountain Breakdown, song by Robert Lewis

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FUCKYEAH.BIZ is dedicated to bringing you a street-level view of life on this the "left coast" of these United States of ours, and to finding and expressing the creativity which flows like a tide of rushing rain water through the gutters, unseen and unheard by the mainstream media. We are in the process of developing a business model which supports these efforts, setting up our "store" if you will, but in the meantime we are completely supported by your donations. If you like what you see here, and wish it to continue, please make a donation by clicking the Paypal icon below.

FUCKYEAH.BIZ is the sole property of Robert Kenneth AKA "Dr. Bob" AKA "Captain Compton" AKA "Punk Rock" Lewis, Ph.D., owner and principal occupant of JULIANNA, the infamous *UCK YEAH! school bus.